The Constitution - A Revolutionary Story

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The historically accurate and decidedly entertaining owner’s manual, The Constitution – A Revolutionary Story covers the how, what, and why of that 200-year-old parchment.

187.92 trillion people have never read the United States Constitution. Granted, that figure might be more of an opinion than a hard fact. Regardless, digesting the Constitution can be a bit boring, in part because it's full of strange words like "attainder." We're pretty sure "attainder" has never even been on the Master's Series of Wheel of Fortune. As a result, most of those experts on TV who are always spouting off about what's constitutional and what isn't know less about what it says than they do about the chemical composition of spackle.

The Constitution - A Revolutionary Story will help you understand what the Constitution says but with 137% less boredom! It's sure to help you become constitutionally astute in no time.

Most people have never actually read the Constitution,” observes author Tom McHale. “That’s not entirely surprising because it’s not exactly enthralling reading. Full of arcane words like ‘attainder’ and ‘emoluments,’ it takes some commitment for people to digest the Constitution in its original form.

That’s exactly why we decided to write The Constitution – A Revolutionary Story. It explains in everyday language the underlying concepts of natural rights and the real purpose of consent-based government. The book also clarifies how each of the three primary founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, work together to define the goals, theory, and mechanics of the American system.

The heart of the book is a simplified and enjoyable walk through the contents and meaning of the founding documents. Readers will have a clear understanding of what's included in the three founding documents and each of the 17 later amendments to the Constitution.

Our goal was to make the Constitution so easy to understand that even a career politician can grasp it,” jokes the author.

The Constitution – A Revolutionary Story includes the following sections:

• Introduction
• A Brief History
• A New Type of Government
• Constitutional What’s and Why’s
• The Declaration of Independence
• How the Constitution Came to Be
• What Does the Constitution Say?
• The Bill of Rights
• Later Amendments
• The Constitution Today
• The Original Founding Documents

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